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We’ve included the most relevant and high quality presets appropriate for techno, deep tech, and atmospheric techno. Flexibility is essential in these genres, so we’ve assigned 4 macros and the mod wheel on various preset to help modify and sculpt the sounds for your musical tastes (and for fun automation possibilities).


For the first time ever, we are no longer confined to expensive sampler instrument libraries to create extraordinary expressive sounds. This is why we turned to Arturia’s Pigments to create a go-to solution for composing captivating scores for TV, film, games, and trailers while offering a versatile toolkit of seamlessly blended cinematic and performative synth elements for the diverse needs of music scoring.

Explore an extraordinary iconic range of highly musical expressive sounds. From bombastic to subtle, pristine to gritty, luminous to shadowy, airy to deep, Eclipse boasts an array of unparalleled presets that you need to experience first-hand.

Included in Eclipse are iconic instruments including powerful braahms, enigmatic drones, subsonic booms, backing rhythms, keyboards, synth pitch-downers, rumbling basses, textural atmospheres and ambiance, fluid arpeggios, and hybrid acoustic-synthetic sonorities. Each sound is carefully designed to emulate the essence of today's tour de force film scores inside the Pigment’s environment.

Leveraging over two decades of expertise in synthesis, sampling, and sound creation, we've crafted Eclipse to usher in a new era of sonic possibilities. We’ve left no stone unturned to deliver the highest quality hybrid scoring presets by utilizing Pigment’s multi-sample engines combined with granular techniques, advanced wavetable synthesis, and cutting-edge sound processing methods.

Each preset features expressive, performance-driven macro assignments, ushering in a plethora of sound possibilities that will easily integrate into and inspire your workflow.

We're proud to have collaborated with Jens S. Kiilstofte, a renowned composer who has worked with various game companies (and LP24 multiple times), to bring you this truly exceptional Pigment’s set.

Eclipse is not just a collection of presets; it's an essential toolkit for music producers, composers, and sound designers seeking to craft breathtaking scores and soundscapes.

LP24 aims to exceed your sonic expectations with our Essential Pad Collection for Xfer Serum. This one of a kind, exciting mega-pack of 200 presets will leave you wondering why Serum never sounded so epic before.

Imagine feeling like your making music with full-blown Kontakt libraries, but instead using only Xfer Serum. Imagine newly discovered synthesis techniques in Serum alongside our 25 years of synth expertise!

Awe-inspiring emotive pads of all dimensions:

Realistic Instrument Pads (Piano, Violin, Choir, Viola, Cello, Bells, Horns, Organ, Flute, etc.), Atmospheres (The Elements, Birds, Bugs, Creatures, etc.), Continually Evolving Soundscapes, Classic Analog and Retro Pads, Multi-timbral Layered Pads, Granular Pads, Chordal Pads, Vocal Slicers, Rhythmic Pads, Textures, Drones, and more..

We’ve assigned all 4 of Serum's macros to very flexible parameters that control the shape and performance of your sound. Mod wheel is also assigned on many of the included presets for vibrato or timbre shifting.

All sounds from the audio demo (except the 1 kick and 1 shaker) are included in this pack!

Download Bass House Essentials, an absolutely stunning collection of Xfer Serum Presets for the modern electronic music producer. No more disappointing drops!


Inside you’ll find 90 Xfer Serum presets inspired by classic video game soundtracks, synthwave, cyberpunk, 1980’s film music, and neo-synth genres. Find every type of retro sound you’ll need, many with cutting edge sonic twists and turns, and all of them with your music projects in mind. As with all our Serum packs, each preset has all 4 macros usefully assigned. Also included: 16 custom wavetables and 21 carefully sampled Noise Osc samples.

Inside you’ll find 90 stunningly beautiful ambient, chillout and downtempo inspired Xfer Serum patches that are going to have you in an elevated stated of musical bliss. Download this awe-inspiring set of sounds, each full of depth and detail (and all macros assigned)

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