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Analog Tapes 2
$60.00 $40.80

Experience authentic analog tape sonics inside VITAL!

LP24 has a huge follow-up release, inspired by the success of Analog Tapes! We’ve done everything possible to give you the REEL feeling of analog tape with all its irregularity, saturation, flutter, noise, and hazy warm texture, now inside of VITAL!

We recorded hours on end of beautiful analog sound, each recorded to various tape machines first (tons of mojo), but we didn’t stop there! We programmed each preset to embrace cassette and tape warbles, noise/hiss, dynamic saturations, and bit depth reduction. Further, we have given you control with all 4 macros and mod wheel assignments to the most useful parameters.

Immerse yourself in the iconic world of the Korg MS-20 vintage monophonic synthesizer, now accessible right inside of Xfer Serum. LP24’s PURE ANALOG Series introduces the unmistakable sonic character of legendary synthesizers through our innovative 'deep sampling' techniques. In Vol1, the MS-20 is brought to life in the form of Xfer Serum presets.

These authentic and augmented MS-20 style Serum presets deliver an unparalleled analog experience at your fingertips.

Key Features:

•Authentic Korg MS-20 Sound: Primarily known for its beefy sonics and screeching filter qualities, the MS-20 excels in producing deep basses, singing leads, and richly layered oscillators. These tonally rich, analog characteristics are now meticulously integrated into Serum.

•Expressive and Performative Presets: Each preset is crafted for high expressiveness, incorporating extensive features for complete control. Macros, mod wheels, aftertouch, and velocity sensitivity allow for a wide sonic range of expression.

•Pioneering Filter Emulation: We've transcended the limits within Serum to replicate the unique MS20 filter sonic characteristics. The result is a true-to-life analog experience that needs to be heard to be believed.

•Deep Sampled with High-Quality Gear: Our beloved MS-20 has been recorded through a Manley Slam and various analog pedals, perfectly capturing the essence of this formidable synth.

Where does the magic of cinema and the pulsating rhythm of techno meet? Right here, in Cinematic Techno for Arturia Pigments!

The core of this Arturia Pigments preset collection features 90 meticulously human-crafted Arturia Pigments presets, each echoing a tale of its own. These sounds are not just presets; they are a testament to the art of preset design, where every nuance and every detail is purposefully curated to evoke emotions and paint sonic landscapes.

For maximum expressiveness, we’ve assigned all macros to each Pigments preset and mod wheel assignments to enhance detail and performability.

The Essence: Cinematic Techno blurs the line between the surge of energy found in modern movie scores and the deep, rhythmic essence of techno. Whether you're a film composer looking to infuse techno sounds into your scores or a music producer aiming to elevate your tracks with a cinematic touch, this pack is your gateway.

Sonic Fusion: Designed to bridge the gap between music composers and music producers, "Cinematic Techno" screams of a universal language where these two worlds collide.

Why Choose Cinematic Techno:

Depth and Versatility: From sweeping pads that tell epic tales, to pulsating basses that are true to the very essence of techno, the sounds you’ll use are vast and versatile.

Human Touch: Every preset in this pack is a result of countless hours of dedication, ensuring that they carry a touch of human emotion and storytelling. Each sound has 4 macros (and mod wheel where appropriate) for maximum human expression in every preset.

Innovation: LP24 Audio's commitment to pushing boundaries is found in every single preset, ensuring that both producers and composers have something truly unique to offer their listeners.

Cinematic Techno is not just another preset pack; it's a journey, a vast array of emotion, a story waiting to be told through your music. It's where the magic of cinema meets the rhythm of techno, creating a unique and inspiring symphony.


For the first time ever, we are no longer confined to expensive sampler instrument libraries to create extraordinary expressive sounds. This is why we turned to Arturia’s Pigments to create a go-to solution for composing captivating scores for TV, film, games, and trailers while offering a versatile toolkit of seamlessly blended cinematic and performative synth elements for the diverse needs of music scoring.

Explore an extraordinary iconic range of highly musical expressive sounds. From bombastic to subtle, pristine to gritty, luminous to shadowy, airy to deep, Eclipse boasts an array of unparalleled presets that you need to experience first-hand.

Included in Eclipse are iconic instruments including powerful braahms, enigmatic drones, subsonic booms, backing rhythms, keyboards, synth pitch-downers, rumbling basses, textural atmospheres and ambiance, fluid arpeggios, and hybrid acoustic-synthetic sonorities. Each sound is carefully designed to emulate the essence of today's tour de force film scores inside the Pigment’s environment.

Leveraging over two decades of expertise in synthesis, sampling, and sound creation, we've crafted Eclipse to usher in a new era of sonic possibilities. We’ve left no stone unturned to deliver the highest quality hybrid scoring presets by utilizing Pigment’s multi-sample engines combined with granular techniques, advanced wavetable synthesis, and cutting-edge sound processing methods.

Each preset features expressive, performance-driven macro assignments, ushering in a plethora of sound possibilities that will easily integrate into and inspire your workflow.

We're proud to have collaborated with Jens S. Kiilstofte, a renowned composer who has worked with various game companies (and LP24 multiple times), to bring you this truly exceptional Pigment’s set.

Eclipse is not just a collection of presets; it's an essential toolkit for music producers, composers, and sound designers seeking to craft breathtaking scores and soundscapes.

Ambient Synth Collection
$230.00 $142.60

Ambient synths make the heart melt and the soul sing.

This collection is our ultimate choice for the top-tier ambient, downtempo, lofi, synth music composers and producers of all levels.

You will gain access to our top 4 Xfer Serum products in 1 download. This is not just some average set of Serum presets, but our most lovingly created and award-winning set of presets ever assembled, now available in one place to inspire your music projects.

Included in this epic collection are Analog Feel, Analog Tapes, Essential Pad Collection, and Ambient Chillout.

Analog Feel: 460 Serum Presets (230 ‘analog tuned’, 230 ‘digitally tuned’) ($97)

Essential Pad Collection: 200 Serum Presets ($35)

Analog Tapes: 189 Serum Presets ($70)

Ambient Chillout: 90 Serum Presets ($30)

If you own one of the above products already and would like to expand your purchase with this collection please email [email protected]


Creativity should push the limits—this is why we are extremely proud to present our largest and most comprehensive Xfer Serum collection to date, EDGE.

EDGE delivers over 1000 sounds (detailed below), including a whopping 600 Xfer Serum Presets (all 2400 macros assigned), 60 Vital Presets, plus 400 Loops, Oneshots, and MIDI files.

EDGE is ideal for the modern music creator looking to explore the frontiers of sonic possibilities. Whether you create house, techno, EDM, tech, IDM, dance, pop, or genre-bending electronica, EDGE provides a vast and colorful palette of unique and expertly designed presets for your music.

LP24 is exceptionally proud to present another incarnation of our most beloved series— Ambient Moods 3. Discover an expansive collection of 1000+ modern textures, loops, and oneshot samples designed for contemporary music creation.

Ambient Moods 3 contains 3.98GB of inspired sound suited to a wide variety of emotions and moods, from the sublime and tranquil to uplifting and beautifully captivating rich soundscapes.

All of this is organized into 24 full-song construction kits. Each song kit features melodies, chords, rhythms, effects, and textures that work in perfect harmony with one another. Arrange a composition or grab a few sounds to ignite your creative journey.

A wide variety of professionally recorded instruments and sounds are included in Ambient Moods 3, including pianos, violins, cellos, synthesizers, drums, percussion, basses, voices, pads, atmospheres, noises, reverses, whoosh builds, foley recordings, and 24 full song mixdowns.

In addition, many bonus loops and oneshot folders are included for more emotive sparks of inspiration.


Download 800 extreme cinematic sounds for modern composers, producers, and sound artists.

Expect a huge selection of the most powerful impacts, strikes, dynamic hits, deep booms, behemoth braams, multi-layered sound effects, all around high-definition trailer ready sound effects.

We spent 8 months developing ‘COLLIXION’ with one simple goal in mind: to offer larger than life sound designs from organic materials. This is why we spent weeks recording at a metal forge, foley studios, junkyards, thrift stores, hardware shops, around the house, and more. After collecting 1000s of sonic moments, we chose only the best of the best: 400 sounds become the creative starting point.

From these incredibly diverse sources (anvils, tools, machinery, glass, wood, water, metallics, fire, springs, axes, broken instruments, and much more) we processed, layered, resampled, resynthesized, stretched, bent, and morphed physical materials into stunningly impactful sound designs.

‘COLLIXION’ is perfect for cinematic composers, game designers, trailer editors, advertising media, or any music project that needs exceptional sound.


Slowfi includes 251 chill, lofi, and downtempo loops and oneshots. Discover relaxed drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keys, foley, vocals, strings, and more!

45 bonus drum oneshots are included for your own custom kits, while smooth riffs on guitar and keyboards make for uplifting, mood enhancing melodies and progressions.

Also included are full drum mixes and stems, to make music creation using Slowfi light as a feather.

This pack is ideal for instant chillout inspiration, whether is be high quality drums and melodies, or fully complete royalty free tracks to use in your releases.

All music and sounds from the audio demo are included!

LP24 aims to exceed your sonic expectations with our Essential Pad Collection for Xfer Serum. This one of a kind, exciting mega-pack of 200 presets will leave you wondering why Serum never sounded so epic before.

Imagine feeling like your making music with full-blown Kontakt libraries, but instead using only Xfer Serum. Imagine newly discovered synthesis techniques in Serum alongside our 25 years of synth expertise!

Awe-inspiring emotive pads of all dimensions:

Realistic Instrument Pads (Piano, Violin, Choir, Viola, Cello, Bells, Horns, Organ, Flute, etc.), Atmospheres (The Elements, Birds, Bugs, Creatures, etc.), Continually Evolving Soundscapes, Classic Analog and Retro Pads, Multi-timbral Layered Pads, Granular Pads, Chordal Pads, Vocal Slicers, Rhythmic Pads, Textures, Drones, and more..

We’ve assigned all 4 of Serum's macros to very flexible parameters that control the shape and performance of your sound. Mod wheel is also assigned on many of the included presets for vibrato or timbre shifting.

All sounds from the audio demo (except the 1 kick and 1 shaker) are included in this pack!

You read that right, this is the first drum and rhythm set made exclusively for Xfer Serum. Hold one note and let the rhythm flow…

We’ve spent years finding the best way to generate layered and evolving rhythm patterns inside of Serum, and this collection of 240 Xfer Serum presets is the culmination of these efforts. Each preset is perfectly tempo locked to your session and in sync with your workflow.

There are literally endless possibilities with Modular Rhythms for Serum. Each preset has sounds like you’ve never heard before in Serum. Further, every macro is assigned to flexible mutating parameters. Change rhythm sequences on the fly, select new drums instantly, reshape timbres, etc. by turning one of the 960 macros we’ve assigned for maximum creative flow.

Imagine drawing a single long note into your DAW and evolving rhythm parts are automatically created, yes—that’s exactly what Modular Rhythms for Serum does!

Don't let weak low-end hold your music back, gain control of it now with Deep Synth Bass.

Featuring 140 advanced Xfer Serum synth bass presets, each with 4 macros assigned to shape the tone and impact of the bass for seamless integration into your music, this collection adds meaningful punch and sustaining impact to your music.

Achieve flawless low-end by owning the most powerful set of engineered bass presets for Xfer Serum. This set includes indispensable deep sub-basses, Reese basses, FM modulation basses, virtual analog basses (sampled from our vintage analog synths), complex evolving wavetable basses, acid basses, strong sustaining basses, synth pluck basses, deep stereo basses (with controlled sub fundamental), wide-spectrum distortion basses, and everything in between.

Each preset in Deep Synth Bass has been rigorously tested and finalized within release-ready music across a wide variety of modern music styles for maximum impact and effectiveness. Additionally, all 4 macro controls enable further sonic refinement, ensuring complementary integration with your kick and the rest of your instrumentation.

We are confident that Deep Synth Bass will exceed your expectations and elevate your music to a higher standard. Don't wait, buy Deep Synth Bass now and experience superior synth bass for yourself.

UK Garage

LP24 is extremely proud to present UK Garage, a comprehensive set of cutting edge UK Garage House style loops, oneshots, and effects for your own productions.

Dive in and discover 224 WAVs, totaling over 450MB of absolute sonic inspiration. Included are 66 Drum Shots, 80 Drum Loops (Full Mixes and Tops), 60 Music Loops (Including Bass, Lead, Vox, Chords, Synths/Drops, Pads, Sirens), and 8 long effects (Textures, Ambiences, and Sweeps). All in all, UK Garage delivers huge on inspiration and variety.

All loops, oneshots, and effects are inspired by not only the greats of modern house music, but by experimental UK artists on the edges of sonic discovery. Have a listen to the demo and the demo loops to uncover what’s possible with UK Garage.

In Ambient Moods 2 you’ll access 549 WAV files, totaling 2.44GB of absolute inspiration. All of this is organized into 5 full song construction kits, plus additional bonus oneshot folders for drums, bass, and chords.

Each song kit features its own breathtaking selection of long loops and precise oneshots. Sounds found in Ambient Moods 2 include: drums, melodies, bass, chords, pads, piano, violin, viola, voice, shakers, atmospheres, bells, noise, strums, reverses, whooshes, flutes, percussion, foley, synths, and more.

Experience authentic analog tape with ANALOG TAPES for Serum!

After 2 years of dedication to this project, we have done everything possible to give you the REEL feeling of analog tape with all its irregularity, saturation, flutter, noise, and hazy warm texture right inside Serum!

We recorded hours on end of beautiful sounds, each recorded to various tape machines first (lots of mojo), but we didn’t stop there! We programmed each preset to embrace classic tuning warbles, tape noise/hiss, dynamic saturations, and lofi electronic bit depth. Further, we applying effects and assigning all 4 macros to the most useful parameters.

The sonics in ANALOG TAPES are inspired by the best musicians, synth programmers, producers, composers of all time. Some influencers of this collection include, however are not limited to: Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnolds, Rival Consoles, Philip Glass,, Tycho, James Blake, Katrynada, Brian Eno, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith…

Experience Portishead, Tricky, DJ Shadow, UNKLE, and other massively influential artists in one collection!

Sounds infused with modern production stylings makes TripHop Classics a go-to collection for todays hip hop, trip hop, chillout, downtempo, and lofi producers.

Download the most hypnotic and nostalgic musical cues for your music now!

Rhythm is the essential heartbeat of music. But achieving the perfect drum recordings, sequences, fills, and grooves can be a real challenge for music creators.

Envision Drum Sessions delivers on this challenge, providing a curated set of drum kits, enlivening your rhythm section with production-ready sonics from a mix of live drum recordings and electronic sequencing. Imagine professional drum performances meets engineered sound design.

From punchy kicks to cutting edge snares, from classic grooves to modern programming, from real drum fills to hybrid drum kits…Envision Drum Sessions provides all the necessary ingredients to punch up your music productions.

Afrobeat is an undeniable feeling, a groove that enters your soul and makes you move.

Modern Afrobeat embodies that energy, delivering essential grooves, deep basses, 808s, guitars, vocals, keys, and much more.

The industry’s greatest producers know that chart topping hits are crafted from the groove up. This is why we’re very excited to present Modern Afrobeat: featuring modern rhythmic loops alongside catchy melodies, chords, transitions, and versatile ideas for you to use within your own productions.

Guitars have always played a special role in music; they strum the heart strings! Music makers of all types turn to the guitar to add emotion and depth to their music…exactly why Sunset Guitar Sessions is a go-to collection. This production-ready guitar loop pack contains refined, professionally recorded guitar parts that will enhance the emotion and depth of your next session. We worked closely with a phenomenal South American guitarist and songwriter to bring the sound of the sunset straight into your speakers. Genres such as latin, hip hop, lofi, and more would benefit greatly from this guitar collection.

Soulfinity Keys includes 130 professionally performed loops, each containing expressive musicality and beautiful sonics for your music. Elevate any hip hop, chillout, lo-fi, jazz, soul, or downtempo track with long loops containing multiple sections, full melodic development and chords that’ll tickle your brain (you know the feeling).

Neuro Plasticity 2 for SERUM features 60 mind altering presets designed for all Bass Genres including: Neurostep, Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Wobble House, and the latest EDM styles.

All 60 Neuro Plasticity presets take full advantage of each Serum macro control, giving you creative depth and sonic flexibility to shape your own sound world.

Chillhop Drops includes 212 professionally crafted loops, MIDI files, oneshot samples, and expressive sonics for your next music making session. From hip hop to chillout, lo-fi to downtempo vibes, Chillhop Drops adds emotive and unique musical cues to your music.

LP24 is extremely proud to present our latest collection “Neo Soul Guitars Vol. 2”- an extensive set of rich and buttery, melodies, chord progressions, slices, and guitar inspirations for your own music productions. Uncover 487 unforgettable electric guitar hooks inspired by the latest trends found in chill-hop, downtempo, lofi, and neo-soul stylings.

Discover “Ambient Moods” through 119 loops of pianos, strings, atmospheric pads, voices, percussion, foley, mallets, baselines, FX, crescendos, violas, drums, granular textures, choirs, and more.

We’ve included the most relevant and high quality presets appropriate for techno, deep tech, and atmospheric techno. Flexibility is essential in these genres, so we’ve assigned 4 macros and the mod wheel on various preset to help modify and sculpt the sounds for your musical tastes (and for fun automation possibilities).

LP24 is extremely proud to present our latest collection “Neo Soul Guitars”- an extensive set of smooth, buttery guitar riffs, melodies, chord progressions, and solos for your own music productions. We’ve hand picked (guitar pun?) hundreds of unforgettable hooks inspired by the latest trends found in chill-hop, downtempo, lofi, and neo-soul stylings.

LP24 is extremely proud to present our latest collection “Particle FYSX”- an out of this world arsenal of energizing effects, hits, textures, transitions, and more; all created to bring your music productions into the next dimension.

IDM Masters

Download 450 loops and oneshots for modern electronic music stylings including IDM, techno, electro, and experimental electronica. Inside you’ll find powerful, razor edge sound designs interwoven with cerebral musical experiences.

LP24 is very proud to present our latest release LOFI DAYDREAM, featuring 313 professionally crafted loops and oneshots for bussing music producers and professionals alike. This collection is packed full of modern-lofi tape aesthetics that producers in hip hop, lofi and downtempo styles are using today.


LP24 is extremely proud to present GALAXIA, an exciting collection of out-of-this-world sounds and samples! Inside you’ll unearth 643MB of content including 273 masterful Xfer Serum Presets, Loops, and MIDI files designed to empower modern music composers and producers who enjoy exploring the futuristic and stimulating sounds of the great unknown. Get ready to experience the extraordinary depth and charge that you need to ignite your music creation process!

Download Bass House Essentials, an absolutely stunning collection of Xfer Serum Presets for the modern electronic music producer. No more disappointing drops!

Analog Feel

After a year of dedication to this project, we have done everything possible to recreate the feel of playing analog synthesizers inside of Serum! And we proudly deliver it in all its glory to your music.

You'll be picking up your jaw due to the sonic wonderment and the sheer possibilities from ANALOG FEEL!

The reason why Organic Percussion is so special: We’ve spent years capturing sonically compelling moments from around the globe. Some were found in optimal recording rooms, some on street corners or mountain tops. Others right in our home or in an underground parking lot. This collection encompasses those sonic explorations. And now you can create your groove using a vast collection of hits, swings, clanks, smashes, taps, slams, rattles, strikes, scrapes, bangs, and prime staccato moments.

Are you ready to march to a different drummer? LP24 Audio presents Twisted Breaks – our extensive collection of drum and percussion samples with a completely modern twist. Twisted Breaks features over 1.25GB of content including 277 loops and 625 one shot samples from both vintage and modern sources. All sounds have been expertly sourced and sculpted into sonic perfection, to create exactly what you want – instant rhythmic inspiration. From layered wonky beats to tight and technical slices, from dusty vinyl to refined sonics, Twisted Breaks delivers a diverse pallet to bring to life any music production, regardless of genre.


Inside you’ll find 90 Xfer Serum presets inspired by classic video game soundtracks, synthwave, cyberpunk, 1980’s film music, and neo-synth genres. Find every type of retro sound you’ll need, many with cutting edge sonic twists and turns, and all of them with your music projects in mind. As with all our Serum packs, each preset has all 4 macros usefully assigned. Also included: 16 custom wavetables and 21 carefully sampled Noise Osc samples.

Forest Psy

LP24 is very proud to present our latest release Forest Psy featuring 610 inspiring and professionally crafted loops, oneshots, MIDI files, and Xfer SERUM presets; a huge variety of ideas and sounds expertly created with your music production needs in mind.

256 expertly performed percussion loops and 282 percussion instrument oneshots and hits. Included instruments: various shakers, bongos, congas, maracas, tambourines, claves, cowbells, surdos, triangles, timbales, woodblocks, tamborims, shekeres, repiques, chocalhos, agogos, pandeiros, snaps, claps, bells, and more.

Multi-dimensional sound design is the name of the game in this release! From custom drum kits to musical ideas, dive into our latest collection of the most awe inspiring sounds to jump start (or add to) your music projects. All sounds are crafted with exceptional sonic detail in mind. From timeless timbres to wildly layered and processed sonorities, each included idea is meant to fully ignite your creative output.

LP24 is very proud to present our latest release Neuro Plasticity for SERUM featuring 60 mind altering presets designed for all Bass Genres including: Neurostep, Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Wobble House, and the latest EDM styles. All 60 Neuro Plasticity presets take full advantage of each Serum macro control, giving you creative depth and sonic flexibility to shape your own sound world.


Spaces includes 344 professionally crafted loops and expressive sound designs. Find eons of sonic dimensions, all guaranteed to ignite your creative output. The average loop length of Spaces is 16 bars. Additionally, 16 epic odysseys are included, all of which are over 100 bars in length.

Soulessence is your go-to creative collection to draw inspiration from time and time again, whether you are creating hip hop, neo-soul, jazz, downtempo, R&B, soulful house, chill, fusion, trap, or chart-topping pop. Soulessence delivers over 1000 meticulously designed musical loops, oneshots, MIDI files, presets for Serum and Massive, Ableton Sessions, Ableton rack instruments, textures; all with your creative needs and customer requests in mind.

LP24 knows. We know you need the most amazing sounds for your music creations. Further, we know you don't always want to fit into strict genre guidelines; you'd rather create a musical masterpiece to call your own. Or sometimes you do want to create the latest and greatest, but don't know how to get started. With our latest proud offering, "SERUM - Essential Pluck Collection” featuring 170 Xfer Serum presets, we've done the leg work-- with all your creative goals in mind.

Inside you’ll find 90 stunningly beautiful ambient, chillout and downtempo inspired Xfer Serum patches that are going to have you in an elevated stated of musical bliss. Download this awe-inspiring set of sounds, each full of depth and detail (and all macros assigned)