Learn music production, sound design, and more.

Serum Advanced LFO Crossfading

Xfer Serum

A quick Xfer Serum trick to crossfade between LFO shapes for endless modulation possibilities.

LOFI and Retro Sound Design

Xfer Serum

Create a BOC style synth lead. Learn essential techniques for LOFI and Retro sound creation.

Sound Design - Make Amazing Leads

Xfer Serum

Learn essential techniques that will help you make more impactful lead sounds with any synthesizer.

Serum - Additive Synthesis - PT1

Xfer Serum

Explore the additive synthesis capabilities of Xfer Serum and learn how to make unique additive sounds.

Create Shimmer Reverb Effects Manually using Aux Chains

Sound Design / Production

Learn how to set up this unique effects chain for shimmery results- compatible within any DAW!

Kick Drum Synthesis

Sound Design / Synthesis

Use this knowledge to make a kick drum from scratch using any capable program and effects processors.

Huge Supersaws and Parallel Compression

Sound Design / Production

Layer sounds and mixing them is a bit of an art. Learn how to make big leads with this video.

Serum - Advanced Techniques PT1

Xfer Serum

Serum has tricks up it's sleeve. Here are some of them that most sound designers haven't explored. Have you?

Resampling Inside of Serum - Pt1

Xfer Serum / Sound Design

Resampling is a powerful technique for sound designers. Achieve new wavetables and sounds using resamping!

Resampling Inside of Serum - Pt2

Xfer Serum / Sound Design

More exploration of resampling techniques for sound designers. Achieve new sounds using resamping!

Wavetable Synthesis: A Brief Historic Look

Synthesis / Serum

Learn a bit of the history of wavetable synthesis and what makes it unique for modern producers.

Serum - Pluckier Plucks!?

Xfer Serum

How to get the most out of your pluck sound designs in Serum or any synthesizer!