Ultimate Chillhop Bundle
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Chillhop Drops
Lofi Daydream
Neo Soul Guitars 2
Soulessence Complete
Soulfinity Keys

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Included With Ultimate Chillhop Bundle:

  • 1288 Loops
  • 672 Oneshots
  • 37 MIDI Files
  • 40 Serum Presets
  • 17 Massive Presets
  • 8 Fully Mixes Ableton Sessions
  • 2 Ableton Instrument Racks (Rhodes and Jazz Bass)
  • 5.37 GB Unzipped
  • 2064 Files in Total


Chillhop Drops includes 212 professionally crafted loops, MIDI files, oneshot samples, and expressive sonics for your next music making session. From hip hop to chillout, lo-fi to downtempo vibes, Chillhop Drops adds emotive and unique musical cues to your music.

Chillhop Drops Includes

  • 157 Loops
  • 44 Oneshots
  • 11 MIDI Files
  • 650 MB Unzipped
  • 212 Files in Total
Acoustic Choir Hall
Acoustic Thoughts
Arp Dreams
Atmos Piano
Damp Kick Kit
Making Coffee

LP24 is very proud to present our latest release LOFI DAYDREAM, featuring 313 professionally crafted loops and oneshots for bussing music producers and professionals alike. This collection is packed full of modern-lofi tape aesthetics that producers in hip hop, lofi and downtempo styles are using today.

Included in Lofi Daydream

  • 157 Loops
  • 156 Oneshots
  • 693 MB Unzipped
  • 313 Files in Total
Arp Sweep Loop
Bell Arp Loop
Blade 1 Loop
Blade 2 Loop
Crying Loop 2
Drum Mix Loop 1

LP24 is extremely proud to present our latest collection “Neo Soul Guitars Vol. 2”- an extensive set of rich and buttery, melodies, chord progressions, slices, and guitar inspirations for your own music productions. Uncover 487 unforgettable electric guitar hooks inspired by the latest trends found in chill-hop, downtempo, lofi, and neo-soul stylings.

Included in Neo Soul Guitars 2

  • 447 Guitar Loops
  • 40 Bonus Sliced Guitar Loops
  • 20 Bonus MIDI Files
  • 1.24 GB Unzipped
  • 507 Files in Total
Guitar Loop 4
Guitar Loop 7
Guitar Loop 23
Guitar Loop 54
Guitar Loop 91
Guitar Loop 108

Soulessence is your go-to creative collection to draw inspiration from time and time again, whether you are creating hip hop, neo-soul, jazz, downtempo, R&B, soulful house, chill, fusion, trap, or chart-topping pop. Soulessence delivers over 1000 meticulously designed musical loops, oneshots, MIDI files, presets for Serum and Massive, Ableton Sessions, Ableton rack instruments, textures; all with your creative needs and customer requests in mind.

Included in Soulessence Complete

  • 357 Loops
  • 432 Oneshots
  • 40 Xfer Serum Presets
  • 17 Massive Presets
  • 40 Audio Textures
  • 8 Ableton Sessions (Fully Mixed)
  • 2 Ableton Instrument Racks (Rhodes and Jazz Bass)
  • 37 MIDI Files
  • 2.02 GB Unzipped
  • Over 1000 Files in Total
Bass Loop 2
Bradley Vocal 02
Guitar Loop 12
Guitar Loop 19
Hand Percussion Loop 12
Live Break Loop 5

Soulfinity Keys includes 130 professionally performed loops, each containing expressive musicality and beautiful sonics for your music. Elevate any hip hop, chillout, lo-fi, jazz, soul, or downtempo track with long loops containing multiple sections, full melodic development and chords that’ll tickle your brain (you know the feeling).

Included in Soulfinity Keys

  • 130 Loops
  • 1.06 GB Unzipped
  • 130 Files in Total
Simple Guitar
Love in the Structure