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Modular Rhythms

You read that right, this is the first drum and rhythm set made exclusively for Xfer Serum. Hold one note and let the rhythm flow…
We’ve spent years finding the best way to generate layered and evolving rhythm patterns inside of Serum, and this collection of 240 Xfer Serum presets is the culmination of these efforts. Each preset is perfectly tempo locked to your session and in sync with your workflow.

There are literally endless possibilities with Modular Rhythms for Serum. Each preset has sounds like you’ve never heard before in Serum. Further, every macro is assigned to flexible mutating parameters. Change rhythm sequences on the fly, select new drums instantly, reshape timbres, etc. by turning one of the 960 macros we’ve assigned for maximum creative flow.

Imagine drawing a single long note into your DAW and evolving rhythm parts are automatically created, yes—that’s exactly what Modular Rhythms for Serum does!


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Listen to Modular Rhythms
Modular Rhythms Demo
by Team LP24
Modular Rhythms Demo 2
by Team LP24
Modular Rhythms Demo 3
by Team LP24
Modular Rhythms Demo 4
by Team LP24
Modular Rhythms Demo 5
by Team LP24
Modular Rhythms Demo 6
by Team LP24
Modular Rhythms Demo 7
by Team LP24
Modular Rhythms Demo 8
by Team LP24
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What's included in Modular Rhythms
  • 240 Xfer Serum Presets
Tech Specs
  • 1.18 GB Unzipped
  • 240 Files in Total
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