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Precisely Engineered Bass

Don't let weak low-end hold your music back, gain control of it now with Deep Synth Bass.
Featuring 140 advanced Xfer Serum synth bass presets, each with 4 macros assigned to shape the tone and impact of the bass for seamless integration into your music, this collection adds meaningful punch and sustaining impact to your music.

Achieve flawless low-end by owning the most powerful set of engineered bass presets for Xfer Serum. This set includes indispensable deep sub-basses, Reese basses, FM modulation basses, virtual analog basses (sampled from our vintage analog synths), complex evolving wavetable basses, acid basses, strong sustaining basses, synth pluck basses, deep stereo basses (with controlled sub fundamental), wide-spectrum distortion basses, and everything in between.

Each preset in Deep Synth Bass has been rigorously tested and finalized within release-ready music across a wide variety of modern music styles for maximum impact and effectiveness. Additionally, all 4 macro controls enable further sonic refinement, ensuring complementary integration with your kick and the rest of your instrumentation.

We are confident that Deep Synth Bass will exceed your expectations and elevate your music to a higher standard. Don't wait, buy Deep Synth Bass now and experience superior synth bass for yourself.


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Listen to Deep Synth Bass
Deep Synth Bass Demo
by Team LP24
Deep Synth Bass Demo 2
by Team LP24
Deep Synth Bass Demo 3
by Team LP24
Deep Synth Bass Demo 4
by Team LP24
Deep Synth Bass Demo 5
by Team LP24
Deep Synth Bass Demo 6
by Team LP24
Deep Synth Bass Demo 7
by Team LP24
Deep Synth Bass Demo 8
by Team LP24
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What's included in Deep Synth Bass
  • 140 Xfer Serum Presets
  • All Macros Assigned
Tech Specs
  • 331 MB Unzipped
  • 140 Files in Total
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