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Download 800 extreme cinematic sounds for modern composers, producers, and sound artists.
Expect a huge selection of the most powerful impacts, strikes, dynamic hits, deep booms, behemoth braams, multi-layered sound effects, all around high-definition trailer ready sound effects.

We spent 8 months developing ‘COLLIXION’ with one simple goal in mind: to offer larger than life sound designs from organic materials. This is why we spent weeks recording at a metal forge, foley studios, junkyards, thrift stores, hardware shops, around the house, and more. After collecting 1000s of sonic moments, we chose only the best of the best: 400 sounds become the creative starting point.

From these incredibly diverse sources (anvils, tools, machinery, glass, wood, water, metallics, fire, springs, axes, broken instruments, and much more) we processed, layered, resampled, resynthesized, stretched, bent, and morphed physical materials into stunningly impactful sound designs.

‘COLLIXION’ is perfect for cinematic composers, game designers, trailer editors, advertising media, or any music project that needs exceptional sound.


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Listen to Collixion
Collixion Demo
by Team LP24
Collixion Demo 2
by Team LP24
Collixion Demo 3
by Team LP24
Collixion Demo 4
by Team LP24
Collixion Demo 5
by Team LP24
Collixion Demo 6
by Team LP24
Collixion Demo 7
by Team LP24
Collixion Demo 8
by Team LP24
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What's included in Collixion
  • 425 Designer Toolkit Sounds
  • 385 Processed and Layered Oneshots
Tech Specs
  • 1.25 GB Unzipped
  • 813 Files in Total
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